Bioschon Organics by PAPALI GROUP is a biotech research & manufacturing organisation specialising in aquaculture, plant nutrition and animal nutrition. Our range of disinfectants (non chemical), probiotics, feed supplements, animal healthcare formulations, pond inputs, plant growth stimulants, soil conditioners, bio fertilizers and home gardening inputs are completely free of antibiotics and harmful residual contents. We at bioschon organics concentrate our efforts on quality assurance by intensive lab testing & field trials of our antibiotic free inputs.We take a result oriented approach and hence work closely with end users such as farmers, co-operatives, farmer groups and field personnel in order to direct our efforts towards providing the best in class inputs to our stakeholders.

At our research & development centre we relentlessly strive to innovate avant-garde inputs which not only are eco-friendly, antibiotic-free, show greater results and free of carcinogenic residue but also enhance the profitability of the end user. We keep in mind the dynamics of the industry and the vast range of clientele that we cater to and therefore we always focus on creating the best value for our customers.


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"Having switched to scientific farming, has given me better yields and profits. I am happy to adopt and promote sustainable farming practices and have completely eliminated using antibiotics, since the last 2 years"

G. Koteshwar Rao
G. Koteshwar Rao Aquaculture farmer, A.P

"I have seen the harvest increase many fold by using organic inputs. I have got astonishing results over various crops including: vegetables, chilies, kinnow, mango and cotton" .

Shamsher Singh
Agriculturist, Haryana

"I encountered tremendous improvements in my ponds after using probiotics. The sludge formation has reduced many fold and the growth rates showed an incline within a few weeks.

K. Joseph
Aquaculture farmer, Kerala

"With Bioschon Organic's assistance I adopted sustainable farming practices and have seen my yields and prawn quality increase by using the products and following proper techniques"

Shashi Nair
Aquaculture farmer, Kerala

"By using organic inputs and soil conditioners, I have not only increased my harvest quantity but also noticed better growth and appearance of my crops"

Ajaib Singh
Agriculturist, Punjab

"Probiotics reduced the time we generally took for pond preparation and also have enhanced the water quality in all my ponds"

R. Nagarjuna
Aquaculture farmer, A.P

"All my customers have seen wonderful results after using Jalraksha and chelated liquid minerals"

Harinath Babu
Aquaculture inputs & feed distributor, A.P